Meet the Stylists

Samantha Renee

As a biracial girl, my mom and I share many characteristics, but hair is not one of them. Having straight, fine hair, my mom didn't have any clue how to take care of my thick curls. As a child, I spent every weekend at my grandmother's house on a pillow between her knees watching cartoons. The process would take a few hours. My grandmother would wash and set my hair into whatever the style was for the week. She was a true kitchen beautician, and I like to think part of my passion for the beauty industry derives from the time I spent with her. It wasn't until my junior year of college and during the recession before I fully tapped into my creative calling. Before that, I was enrolled full-time at Dominican University, helping my family run the gym my parents opened in 2005, traveling and generally having a good time. My parent's gym didn't survive the recession, and I slowly realized I needed to adapt to the changing economy. My original plans had to change. Enter Hair. I always "played" with my friends' hair and makeup before I decided to go to beauty school. I had been working part-time in a small local salon since in high school. I enjoyed the rotating personalities and stories that sat in the salon chair every hour. I loved the way people stood taller and emanated confidence after being in the salon. Owning my own business was something I always imagined - but never thought I would own a salon for some reason. After beauty school, I worked for a Luxury Salon & Spa in Lakeview. Where I trained in the apprentice program: color techniques, cutting styles, updo's, men's cuts - I did it all. I graduated to the salon floor and had my station, my clientele exploded quickly. I had found my calling, my people, and my home. I belonged in that salon. Once I knew it was time to move on from the large salon atmosphere, I figured I would have to work for myself because I couldn't imagine finding a boss better than the one I had. A friend of mine, Melissa Murphy at The Hair Studio Chicago, introduced me to Sola Salon Suites. She gave me and my clientele a salon space to call home in her suite-style space and mentored me on how the business side works. Sola had everything I wanted in a space when I was ready and able to do it on my own. Under Melissa's wing, we worked happily together for four years. I was able to grow my business and financially prepare to run my salon, Nov Salon Chicago.I have always loved putting the finishing touches on any cut and color process with a great blow out or curl set. Special event hair styling, though it is not often a request in the salon, is my absolute my favorite service, specifically, for weddings. Giving brides the look they envisioned on thier favorite day of the year is just one more reason being a hairdresser not only is my calling but a true passion.


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